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The Story Relived is a storytelling venture, telling tales of real people and events in a way that blurs the line between fact and fiction. Written by Gerard Ryan

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Feb 11, 2018

A tale of love, connection and coping with loss. Equally platonic and romantic, we follow the life of an Irish immigrant in America coping with tragedy through cinema and companionship.


Tracks used:

Kevin MacLeod - Meditation Impromptu 01

Kevin MacLeod - Enchanted Journey 

Sun Riah - Firefly Night Light, My...

Jan 21, 2018


A day trip which reignites family ties and friendship through abandonment, grief and death. 


'It is a distinctive Celtic trait to regard literal truth as somewhat elastic when it comes to storytelling...'

The individuals and events in this story are real. The circumstances, not so much.


Intro music - Matthew...